Until 22nd July 2018, the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra presents Cartier: The Exhibition.

Never before has a Cartier exhibition of this scale been presented in Australia. Over 300 pieces of jewellery, precious objects, watches and clocks from the Cartier Collection and several famous institutions retrace Cartier's major creative channels since its beginnings. Among them are, exclusively at the NGA, exceptional loans from the British Royal Collection and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Visitors are invited to journey through styles and eras to discover how Cartier moves and creates with the times.

Canberra Exhibition - María Félix

María Félix and her real larger than life necklace

The magnificent Crocodiles necklace was commissioned by equally bold actress and singer María Félix. Each crocodile is fully articulated and may be worn as a brooch.

Canberra Exhibition - Daisy Fellowes

A sublime necklace for the “world’s most elegant woman”

The striking Hindu necklace, made in the Indian style, was commissioned by Daisy Fellowes, often named “the world’s most elegant woman” by magazines of the 1920s and ’30s. This figure of Parisian society boasted two qualities without which elegance tends to be overlooked: taste and audacity.

Canberra Exhibition - Gloria Swanson

Gloria Swanson and her exceptional bracelets

Sold to Gloria Swanson (1899-1983), American actress. The flexible and dazzling bracelets that she bought from Cartier are not only part of the history of jewellery but also part of the history of the movies, since she wore them in at least two films: Perfect Understanding (1933) and Sunset Boulevard (1950).